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MR RAMAKRISHNA KUMAR whom I have been communicating with on, is a fraud, cheat and liar!! His picture and profile was active on shaadi's website. He claimed to be an Engineer from Brooklyn, New York. I viewed his profile and picture on and we have been in contact via email, Viber and telephone calls since 24 February.

He was on his way from New York to South Africa to meet me and my family on 11 April 2015 with his 4 year old son, Terry but had to make a stop in Cambodia for business.He is still there. First, he left his bag with credit card, iPhone, cash, etc in the taxi and was destitute with no money and last week he says his son is ill, And has to go for open heart surgery. He sent me a hospital bill for 40000.00 USD!!! He is still calling me from number +1321 362 4809 from Phnom Penh, Cambodia for money. I have seen through his lies. Ladies beware of this charming man and his adorable son! DOES ANYBODY OUT THERE KNOW THIS MAN AND THIS CHILD? Please contact me if you have any information.

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Here are some pictures pls check


Has anyone been scammed by this man claiming to be Hardev Argawal from San Jose CA and his supposed mother Geeta, who on the day of meeting both their phones have been shut off for 48 hours???


My mother is also being scammed by some guy names Jake Robinson he suggested that she get off the site and contact him personally. I believe her to be sending him money.

He tricked her into believing he was a Christian as she is.

She has lost her home in Florida because she couldn't afford to pay her mortgage due to sending money oversees because he claims to be in the Gulf of Mexico. This clown needs to be exposed for the fraud he is

to Anonymous #1352700

My friend in USA was scammed. Sounds like this. Do you have an image of the guy who scammed you?

to MK #1531290

All these guys by different names & pictures is the same . Pls don’t get trapped in his stories .


Yes, watch out for a guy name Patrick Lennon from interracial He claims to have a son name Harry and does a similar scam. The number is 9032135494, some foreign/international money scam

to Yonnie Mitv***9098 #1270580

Do you know more ,please

to Yonnie Mitv***9098 #1278041

Brian low or Bryan Anthony from Baton Rouge,now on his way in Indianapolis,but this number is from Texas?? Who knows more..need info,I'm a victim too from this man..

to Yonnie Mitv***9098 #1298540

Been scammed by this man,lost huge money on him,calls him brian low,from baton rouge..but it's a fake you know more??


I have seen this fat ***'s picture on line

What a fraud


Dear Member, We regret the experience you have had and would like to get this investigated for you. You can be assured that Shaadi takes strict action against people who misuse the site.

We request you to write to us with your Shaadi id at so that we can look into it at the earliest. Regards,


I know this man! I have been tracking him for another client for the last month, and my team is currently in Cambodia closing in on him.

Your post set off my webcrawler on the name. Contact me for more details on having your money returned -


Don't give him any money. Why are you worried about him.

You said he's a fraud and a scammer. Leave him alone and don't answer the calls or change your number.

He can cancel his credit card and they can send him a new one. iPhones have serial numbers / he can turn off his service

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