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I got married through shadi.com in a so called affluent family mentioned on shadi.com profile of the groom.But those people said us to perform a grand wedding promising that they will keep me happy. The guy promised too many things like going on a Europe tour and doing MBA after marriage.But immediately after the marriage the scene was totally different.

Europe tour toh Jane do kai Bi nai leke jare the.bohat force karne ke baad dey tuk me to Kashmir. The guy used to promise n break it all time.He was not genuine at all.N on top of that his mother used to mentally torture me a lot.She was a total mess.N I spoiled my life after getting married through shadi.com.

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Plainfield, New Jersey, United States #1223628

Who is *** enough to marry someone on the Internet?

You got what you deserved.

Mountain View, California, United States #917111

So it sounds as though you were marrying someone for what they had or what you thought they had. Doesnt that make you a legalized pro.stitute.

Glad you got duped. Tee hee

to ***edthe***off Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa #966461


I got married on shaadi to a USA citizen I came down to South Africa because my husband lost his job n I have a good job in South Africa. I just found out recently that after I came back to south Africa my husband opened a new shaadi profile n shaadi has published our success story on every one

of their websites.

I don't think it's morally right for him to open a new profile. When I am waiting to receive my green card. I have spoilt my husband with two vacation in one year one in USA and the other in Dubai. I feel totally betrayed by shaadi for allowing him

to open a paid membership.

So no I am not a gold digger I just want a married life n love n romance. We phone shaadi but it seem they are not willing to help me. How do I feel safe moving to another country when a man does that. I have a job n I am secure financially.

Do yes I am two minds after I found out n now my husband who still does not have a job does not have time for me.

He is the whole day on social media n i want to know the truth if he has found someone I will move on. But I don't want to destroy my life just for what I think is love.

to Vivo #973552

Move on now before it's too late. The writings on the wall.

Read it and stop giving him vacations to be with other women! You will find someone else.

Never Pay for love. Good luck

to Vivo #1025314

That is why you take TIME to get to know someone real well before committing a lifetime to him. Have a little more respect for yourself than that.

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