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Complained to about guy who used the name Bijay Acharya & email from L.A. First he said, his wife died, has mother & father died and has a son.

After some days he said he did work in Bangkok and has to collect money, then two days later he said him and his son got sick with the food, he went to pharmacy to get meds and cab driver took off with his brief case and passport & he is stock there. He needs money to make new documents to get his payment & requested me to send $1900 US., when i said no he became angry and said that i abandoned him when he needed me. Few days later i ask if everything ok now he ask me to send money to bank Wells Fargo, South carolina under $1,450 he name Judy Dew., I did not agree to this he told i had trusting issues and need help. First of all he never left L.A & fabricated the entire story for money.

New he rejoined under new name abhay s. I informed and they said they will monitor him.

Once he gets a new victim he would leave the site for sometime and return to scam another. I told i have all proof of this scammer but they still allow him to remain on the site.

Reason of review: scammer is allow to remain on the site.

Preferred solution: remove the scammer before the targets another .

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This Guy contact me too recently by email. I suspect that he is a scammer and i asked what is wrong with his phone he asked me to contact him first. My gut feeling told me that he is a scammer.

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