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  • From mobile
  • Sep 17
  • #920545

That's a *** scam all girls same questions and answers

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One week after joining, they asked me to verify proof of education, passport, drivers license. I refused. They suspended my acct for the next 2 months and 3 weeks... Then the subscription ended. Customer service refused to answer why i wont be refunded or why they dont state this info when taking your money. Worst people ever. Read more

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Avoid this crooked site at all costs. It's a joke and customer service is terrible. They do all communication through emails. They only respond to what they want to respond to and don't address your problems (that they cause by the way). In fact, sometimes I received no response at all. They take your money and block the services YOU HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR. Then they spend weeks coercing you to give them extremely personal information that can... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 19
  • #903890

Bad scam never give them your id

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 15
  • #900884

I just joined paid fees for membership and a while later when I went to sign back in it would t allow me saying your account is deactivated.why?

Add comment is an Indian website. They follow Indian standards of dealing with ID proof and personal information. They talk a lot about privacy, trust etc, but in reality they have no idea about the responsibility involved in processing the private info including the government IDs. They disable login without notice and then ask to upload the ID verification including DL, passport etc. They make sure that the ID contains personal details, but... Read more

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After a few weeks of registration on they started calling me and asking me to take paid membership even though I didn't find any good profiles. They took the money and disappeared. They r least bothered about match-making. There are fake profiles who just flirt around and are really not serious about marriage. The owner of is very business minded person & tries every method to get money out of people. There are other sites... Read more

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I got a fake profile request. I talked to this guy for 1.5 year. His profile said he is 30 and he is a doctor. The pictures he had posted were 10 years back. When I met him, he seems in his 40’s. After 1.5 year I found out he is married for past 10 years and he is no doctor. I think this person is a criminal. His profile stated his name as Jiten Singh. (Jitendra singh). His real name is Surender Khurana, 43, married and is a P.H.D scientist in... Read more

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I still had 1 month of paid membership left and looks like someone reported false information about me and without any proof or intimation they deleted my profile. below is the chat with customer support: mahesh Jul 10, 09:24 IST Chat started: 2016-07-10 03:23 AM UTC (03:23:36 AM) mahesh: unable to login (03:24:15 AM) mahesh: hello (03:24:29 AM) *** Deean joined the chat *** (03:24:33 AM) Deean: Hello Mahesh. (03:24:37 AM) Deean: How are you... Read more

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They are one of the horrible websites ever. First they took my phone number saying ur number is fully confidential. Then i will get sales calls out of nowhere. After I ask them that they said oh it is "DND" pg 6 of the contract. Really "DND"???? I should say do u have "ED" do u know what "DND" means..... Now, they are collecting ID's really will u give ur passport to someone online. IDENTITY THEFT....................................... IDENTITY... Read more

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